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It is my experience that every human has the ability to connect to a higher sense of awareness, an inner knowing that, when tapped into, can reveal to us the route we are meant to walk in life. 

My intention, as an empathic intuitive, is to communicate insightful and divine messages that assist in areas of healing and guide a person to alignment with their higher purpose. My strongest gift, as an intuitive, is connecting and channeling messages from your Spirit Guides - spirits advisors that are here to help a soul move through the human experience. Intuitive sessions are for people searching for guidance and clarity on their soul's journey or heart path. Hands on energy therapy is available for those in the San Francisco Bay area.


"Ashley has been nothing short of a blessing for my spiritual path and healing process. I’ve met and worked with several healers who have crystal clear channelling abilities OR fine tuned hands-on-healing skills but Ashley is the only person I’ve worked with who is extremely capable with both. She walks through the world with an inspiring ease and grounded energy which makes her incredibly relatable and easy to open up to."

- Julieann Choi 


"Ashley helped me work through some personal blockages that were delaying my growth on my spiritual path. She created a beautiful space energetically for me to receive and be open to the messages that I needed to hear. I connected with her for validation and to deepen my acceptance of my own multi-dimensional experiences. I would definitely refer Ashley to those that are ready and open to Spirit."

- Stefanos Missailidis