route / ro͞ot / : to send or direct along a specific course


My name is Ashley and I am an intuitive empath passionate about interior design. I was born in Utah, raised in a family and community that fostered a strong connection to Spirit. By following my inner guidance, coupled with my own individual life experiences, I tapped into extrasensory abilities that connect with the spiritual realm. Today, I live in San Francisco and love everything this city has to offer. 

Before creating Route, I established my interior design studio Ashley Winn Design in 2008. My work has been published nationwide, and for ten plus years I have enjoyed collaborating with clients on homes in both Utah and California. 

As my love for designing homes developed and my connection to the non-physical world became stronger, I realized the value of conscious living and the importance of energetic vibrations within a home. I became acutely aware of the energetic healing available to us all and felt called to integrate my psychic gifts into the design process. This integration has opened up a path that feels in alignment with my passions, my purpose and my desire to help others connect to their own specific course. 

Route is a boutique interior design studio that creates intentional and healing spaces. The design process is highly influenced by the holistic belief that the mind, body and spirit are all interconnected. In my craft, I intuitively tap into my client's heart path and essence, then create thoughtful, intentional living spaces that positively affect my clients' emotional and physical well-being. 

In addition to design, I offer private intuitive readings and energetic body healing. Intuitive sessions are for clients searching for clarity and guidance on their soul’s journey and heart path. You can send intutive inquires to