Your E-Design To Do List

1. Fill out your Lifestyle Questionnaire

The Lifestyle Questionnaire helps me create a truly personal design that reflects you. In this questionnaire you’ll answer questions about your personal style, how you live, and the budget level you are comfortable with.


2. Photograph your room(s)

Take photos of all 4 walls of your room(s), making sure to photograph the entire wall from side to side and ceiling to floor. Photos should be taken during the day in natural light.


3. Take photos and measurements of existing furnishings

Take photos of any items you want to keep, including furnishings, rugs, lamps etc. Measure these items including height, width and depth. I recommend keeping only the things you truly love because now is your chance for a fresh start!


4. Photograph the exterior of your home

Seeing the exterior of your home aids my design in understanding how your room fits into the bigger picture of your home.


5. Measure the room(s)

Draw the outline of your room as if you’re looking down and viewing it from above. Next, measure each wall indicating door openings, window locations, electrical outlets and AC vents. It’s extremely important that these measurements are accurate so that I can be sure that what I recommend to you will fit perfectly into your new room. Detailed directions and examples are in the Measuring Guide.


6. Gather inspiration images

Create a Pinterest Board per room with at least 8 images from the internet, that best illustrate the way you would like your room to look and feel.


7. Email materials

Once these preliminary tasks are completed, you can send photos & measurements by email or a drive folder to